A broad set of general management techniques with a core of business analytics and technology courses. Ensures you graduate ready to set the pace in a workplace driven by change.

At the centrality of everything

Become an agile, confident decision maker through analytics-intensive Stevens graduate programs

Designed for mathematicians and physicists eager to work in finance. Blends advanced techniques in machine learning, data processing, modeling and optimization with strong finance and business skills. 

Become a data scientist whose data-driven insights directly inform business strategy. Emphasizes new techniques in machine learning, data mining and blockchain technologies.

Analytics graduate programs

High-tech analytics labs at Stevens give you the skills you need to ask smarter questions, make faster recommendations and drive the growth of the business.

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Apply mathematics in deconstructing and solving cross-disciplinary problems.

Learn the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to analyze big data for functional application in business and technology.

For aspiring thought leaders in this emerging discipline. A research-intensive program where you'll challenge assumptions about the role of intelligent machines in solving complex problems.

Learn to build effective decision models that can better develop, maintain and improve complex engineering systems and enterprises.


Discover Stevens

See insights where others see only data

At Stevens, data and analytics aren't just theoretical. Our legacy of problem-solving and innovation informs our research work and our teaching, meaning what you learn at Stevens has immediate value in the business world. Recruiters value our students' ability to translate findings from data into strategy.

State-of-the-art analytics labs

Our Hanlon Financial Systems Center is home to two top-flight analytics and visualization labs. Here, our faculty will help you master new programming languages, try out new tools and understand how data becomes knowledge.

At the doorstep of Silicon Alley

New York City is home to a thriving high-tech hub and a plethora of industries — financial services, media, advertising, healthcare and beyond — searching for savvy technologists with strong business and leadership fundamentals.