5 Trends for the Future of Software Engineering

Software engineers, developers and innovators are more essential than ever. As the pace of technological change accelerates, there is increasing demand for software systems that are reliable, responsive, safe and secure. There is also growing recognition that software vulnerabilities and flaws jeopardize intellectual property, consumer trust and business operations. Software engineers, programmers, managers and entrepreneurs will need to recognize potential threats and flaws in software design and defend against hackers, backdoors and malicious code.

Download our free white paper, written by one of our leading software engineering faculty members, and learn about the five trends that will shape this critical industry over the next decade. With this white paper, you’ll be equipped to respond, anticipate and ultimately lead in this fast-paced field. Learn about:

  • Assets that will best position software engineering leaders 
  • Critical issues facing the industry 
  • Explosive job growth in the sector 
  • The surprising way software project teams will change


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