5 Trends that are Transforming
Systems Analytics

Data-driven insights and analytics are facilitating and optimizing intelligent decision-making across industries today. There is more data than ever before, and making data usable for decision-making is becoming increasingly more urgent in fields such as science, technology, engineering, government and healthcare. As a result, demand is on the rise for skilled systems engineers, data scientists and analysts who can harness and organize complex data and convert it into meaningful information.

Download our free white paper, written by one of our leading systems analytics faculty members, and learn about the five trends that will shape this critical industry over the next decade. With this white paper, you’ll be equipped to respond, anticipate and ultimately lead in this fast-paced field. Learn about:

  • The shift from big data to right data
  • Critical issues facing city analytics
  • Actionable analytics
  • Text mining and applied machine learning

A Master of Engineering in systems analytics from the School of Systems and Enterprises provides a strong understanding of state-of-the art data visualization and knowledge extraction techniques for the purpose of analyzing trends, assessing risk, discovering patterns, and building decision models.

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