5 Trends Transforming the Future of Systems Engineering

Systems engineers can find opportunity everywhere, from smoothing out logistics in manufacturing and healthcare, to designing the systems behind autonomous vehicles and complex online commerce. As technology and innovation evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, so will the landscape of systems engineering.

Download our free white paper, written by one of our leading systems engineering faculty members, to learn about the five trends that will shape this critical industry over the next decade. With this white paper, you'll be equipped to respond, anticipate and ultimately lead in this fast-paced field. Learn about:

  • What the transformation of the publishing and bookselling business teaches us about the future of systems
  • A new way of integrated thinking that will transform the field
  • Assets that position systems engineers to lead in the future
  • What you need to know to compete in the systems engineering career marketplace

A Master of Engineering in systems engineering from the School of Systems and Enterprises produces engineers ready to apply a systems approach to effectively address systems integration and to architect, design and manage complex technical systems and processes throughout their life cycles.

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